My HercuGlass Clear Mug is Virtually Unbreakable!

Recently I broke my one and only coffee mug.

It's not that we only have one mug, but it was the only one I used for coffee. I guess because I work from home (freelance writing) and every day is a little bit different, using the one mug brings a little bit of comfort and sanity to my often crazybusy workday.

So to prevent that from happening again, I looked to the glass experts HercuGlass and Santanoni Glass & Ceramics.

I got their best-selling Ultra-Break Resistant 13 oz. Clear Mug (pictured above), which holds enough coffee to get me through my harried mornings and is "thermal shock resistant." That means that it will stand up the usual bumps I put it through the day and won't fall apart at the drop of a hat like a reality show housewife.

Check out this amazing drop-test video and see just how much the Clear Mug can withstand!

And if your mug happens to fracture while pouring in a hot drink, HercuGlass will replace it. All you have to do is send it back to them. They will "analyze to see how it broke, so we can learn more about our process and how to improve it even more and send you a replacement." How awesome is that?!

At prices this low, you can afford to replace all your cups and glasses. I will not only do this at home, but when I open my restaurant, I'm using these almost unbreakable glasses and cups in the dining room. Why would you use anything else?

Shop the entire collection at HercuGlass and Santanoni Glass & Ceramics!

Stephanie Dickison

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