Cover Up in a Snap with Cleava

This thing is a lifesaver.

I always, always want to dress appropriately. I wear knee-length Mad Men-type dresses or modern pant suits to meetings. No cleavage, no nothing.

But some of my tops and dresses are a little low cut for during the day. We're not talking Jersey Shore popping-out kind of thing, but enough that I need something to cover up and look professional.

Up until now, I've been wearing tight, bodice-tight bandeau tops and layers camisoles and tanks underneath my dresses and tops. The problem with these options is either I can't breathe or I get rolls underneath my top or dress from my underthing bunching. 
Then I found Cleava and all my wardrobe malfunctions disappeared!

First of all, I have to tell you that it looks much better in person, than on the website or packaging. And secondly, once you use it, your wardrobe options will double, maybe even triple.

I love that you can put it on before or after you get dressed, so you really can go from the office to drinks on the patio in one fell swoop! Here's a video on how it works. It's so easy: the triangle-shaped fabric (it kind of looks like a thong) snaps into place around your bra straps and through the front part, in between the cups. This gives you a smart straight line across the top of your chest, keeping your cleavage undercover until you decide to reveal it.

And the best part? You no longer have to wear an entire other layer under your outfits (just think of how much cooler you'll be in this sweltering heat!). There is no bunching or bulging of tops or underthings. It stays in place even when you don't, so you don't have to ever readjust your clothes again.

I got the Original Classic in Black, but I'm telling you - I'd love a bunch of 'em to extend my wardrobe through the seasons. Just imagine the possibilities: different colours, different materials - lace, rhinestones, ooh la la!

Cleava is a complete wardrobe saver. My dresses and tops that I could only wear out after work? Now they're doing double duty. All thanks to this little fashion hero.

Stephanie Dickison

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