Cake Vintage Kitchen Papers Turns Your Dinner Party Into the Event of the Season

I love to entertain, but truthfully I'd rather spend my money on ingredients instead of the decorations. But I do like to spruce the place up a bit. It really needs a lift when company's coming by.

That's why my new favourite dinner party accessory is Cake Vintage Kitchen Papers.

This line of beautifully-styled vintage looking papers dresses up your table quickly and without a lot of expense. And you can choose to reuse or recycle them, meaning they'll take up less space than your Grandmother's linens.

Perfect Serving Placemats elevate your food so that everything has the feel of a fine French meal. Whether your tableware is handmade in Portugal or from Ikea, your guest will at least know where which fork goes where. And there's 50 of 'em, so that oughta get you through the summer.

And since doilies are so passe, update your look with 8" Serving Papers (pictured above).  This pad of 25 tear-off sheets means that you can use them under everything from your leek and cheese souffle appetizer to your homemade rhubarb crumble dessert.

For the food lover who's always dabbling in the kitchen, the Cook's Journal is a phenomenal gift. It has a table of contents and each recipe is numbered (space for 40-hand written dishes), with room for the ingredients and directions. With vintage images throughout, it is the most beautiful journal and an instant cookbook - just fill in the blanks and you've got your best-seller completed!

Using soy based inks & 30% recycled content, these are treasured items that make not only wonderful entertaining accompaniments, but incredibly memorable gifts too. 

Shop the entire Cake Vintage Kitchen Papers collection now. A portion of all of proceeds are donated to the Pediatric Brain Tumor Research Fund at Vanderbilt.

Stephanie Dickison

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