Summer Just Got Super Comfotable with Superfeet's New Premium Sandals

I wrote about Superfeet's amazing insoles awhile back and am thrilled to introduce to you their new Premium Sandals!

Just in time for the season that is no doubt going to be too hot to wear closed-toe shoes, these shoes look as cool as they feel.  

I tried the Women's (they have styles for men too!) FLP in Dusty Rose, though they are black with a light grey insole, so the name in no way denotes the colour.

A "built-in orthotic" hugs your instep and heel, supporting you with each and every step.  A podiatrist designed the inside so that you walk properly and comfortably for once.  My Mom and I walk at least 6 hours at a time every week. These are just about the only shoes that will be able to keep with us beside our bulky runners!

They are super light, which mean foot fatigue never sets in and you can pack 'em with you without weighing down your bag.

Thick straps don't rub against the skin somehow, while the rubber bottom increases traction so that whether you've traversing hard city pavements or rugged hills, you can feel secure with each step you take.

The shoe's are made out antimicrobial materials, biodegrading "almost 50 times faster than regular sandal components when they hit the landfill."

The only question is, do you want Dusty Rose or Latte?

Stephanie Dickison

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