Pull Together the New Zipit Collection from Cabrelli Inc.

I bet you've never had a pencil case this fun to use.

The New Zipit Collection from Cabrelli Inc. is comprised of products created using a single strip of zipper.  

Yes, you read that right - a single strip. What's amazing is that it's kind of hard to imagine that this single strip makes a full-fledged product. Let me explain:

When I got my pencil case, it was not in the shape of a pencil case (pictured above). Yet. See, when you get , it's a coiled single strand of zipper. You are instructed to pull the zipper and like a set of dominoes gracefully knocking against one another in a mesmerizing row, the zipper takes a soft corner every once in awhile (how it knows to do that, I'll never know) and suddenly, it's made itself into a wickedly funky pencil case.

I love that you get to kind of put it together - and you have the power to take it all apart if you like, like an evil scientist.

And there are many other products available that work the same way. The Classic Go Big Bag works for both home and travel, the shape of Le Gym works for more than just sneaks and tanks and the Student Lap Top Bag is adult-friendly as well.

If you're looking for an original gift, I think this is just about as original as it gets.

Stephanie Dickison

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