Get Summer's Glow Safely with Lancaster's Infine Bronze Kaleidoscope!

We all know that sitting in the sun is bad for you. Dangerous even.

So how do you get that awesome glow without having to slather yourself in products, waiting for hours for your "tan" to develop?

Lancaster Infinite Bronze Kaleidoscope Illuminating Compact Powder - available at Shoppers Drug Mart and other retailers including - delivers amazing glow without making you look glittery or tweeny.

The light captures and reflects on the powder, giving your skin this amazing effect - like you've been softened around the edges, perfected to look your very best. Who needs Photoshop when you look this incredible?

Five tones (soft pink, pink, lilac, beige and bronze) illuminate you like you're red carpet ready. I use it on my whole face - cheeks, temples - and work my shoulders and decolletage as well. It is super sexy but subtle, you know? It sculpts and highlights you in all the right places.

And while it will make you look refreshed, it also neutralizes up to 80% of free radicals on the surface of your skin, so it's working even when you're not.

This is one of those products that once you try, you simply can't live without. And that's how I've felt with every Lancaster product I've ever used.

p.s. I'll be using this well after the summer has passed. Because then my skin will turn back to its pale colour and I'll need that little lift to make me look healthy and glowy all over again...

Stephanie Dickison

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