Full Circle Makes the Best Kitchen & Cleaning Tools!

Why are you still using that scrub brush that you got from the dollar store two years ago?

Ew. Not to mention that it is nowhere near eco-friendly.

That's why you've got to check out Full Circle.

Their cleaning tools are so beautiful, so wonderful to hold and use, completely eco-friendly and sustainable and - here's the biggest suprise - absolutely affordable!

Everything from dish brushes, scrub brushes, sponge, cloths, towels,to make-your-own natural cleaning set and home composting solutions are available here, so you can clean and have a clean conscience.

The Be Good Dish Brush has quickly become one of our most used kitchen tools ever. I used to just rely on a sponge and dish cloth, but this recycle plastic, renewable bamboo dish brush gets at all the stuck-on food and grease with so little elbow grease, I have time to go and make myself a drink afterwards!

Now that the Farmer's Markets are getting going, the The Ring Vegetable Brush is a must for gently removing dirt from your hand-picked carrots, potatoes, mushrooms, etc. The natural and recycled bristles work out the land from your veg quickly and easily. And the part bamboo handle is just gorgeous (Why can't Full Circle make jewelry too? This is the perfect bangle!) and so smooth. Everything Full Circle makes is just so easy on the hands, something that you certainly wouldn't notice with those cheap plastic things you've been using up until now, but you can't help but take note of - rest your thumb there, put your hand there, ahh!

And speaking of brushes, the Reach Bottle Brush works in travel mugs, baby bottles and I've been using mine to also clean the sludge that occurs in vases full of water (why does it do that?) and dust out the inside of my lamps. You simple place the longer end of the brush on the inside and squeeze the handle to clean both surfaces simultaneously. The handle and bristles are made with recycled plastic and the wire is made of  recycled stainless steel. This is one of those tools that you didn't realize was so handy until you had it, and now you can't live without it.

One of my favourite designs is the Stick'em Magnetic Kitchen Towel (pictured above). You know how chefs have a towel that sits on their hip so that they can wipe their hands or grab a hot pan out of the oven with one quick move? That's what this towel is like. You can put it wherever is most convenient, not just where it happens to fit.You can toss it towards the fridge or stove and it sticks! How cool is that? And here's the best part - the bamboo and organic cotton blend is so cushy and soft, you use it more than any other towel that's passed through the house. Ooh, if only there was pajamas in this material...

These are just a few of the amazingly wonderful, inexpensive kitchen tools from Full Circle. Look around and finally get items that are worthy of you.

Stephanie Dickison

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