Envelop Yourself In Calvin Klein's Eternity Summer Fragrances for Men & Women

What comes to your mind when you think about summer?

I think of the sun hitting my face and hot sand squishing underneath my toes, the smell of suntan lotion and the sea wafting through the air.

What is remarkable is that Calvin Klein has bottled all of those sensory memories in his latest fragrance, Eternity Summer for Women.

Using floral notes such as violet leaves, gardenia, muguet, jamine and lotus lily mixed with the fresh unique scent of cilantro and then blended with creamy musks and fig wood with a hint of mimosa, a feeling that you've been carrying around since childhood emerges.

Whether you remember building sandcastles with your family at the beach or laying on the dock at the cottage, this sun-in-a-bottle will make you feel so good, you may just do cartwheels or go running the next time you hear the ice cream truck.

And while this joyous scent is like a memory bank, it is undoubtedly modern, fresh and sexy. 

Bringing a piece of the beach to the city is the ultimate summer staycay. Thank you Eternity Summer for Women.

p.s. Eternity Summer for Men is sensational too. Citrus and wood nestle amongst the sun's rays. Tres sexy indeed.

p.p.s. Calvin Klein Fragrances are available at select department and drugstores for a limited time.


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