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Have you noticed how watches have all started to look the same?

I saw the same design made by 5 different companies. And that was just in one single display case. I craved something unique, something that would stand out against the crowd, but nothing too crazy. I don't want to look like a club kid after all. I want something I can wear to the office in addition to a night out with friends.

I found it all in WeWood Watches

It's amazing how sophisticated looking they are, because sometimes with wood, you get a very rustic, barn feel, which wasn't the vibe I wanted at all.

Somehow WeWood has managed to make very refined looking time pieces, while making them sustainable. "Completely absent of artificial and toxic materials," your watch is natural and when you purchase a WeWood watch, a tree is planted

Look fashionable and help to rebuild our endangered ecosystem? It's possible, thanks to WeWood.

The only hard part is trying to choose which style to get. The WeWood Date Army is quite fascinating and the Beige/Brown is simply stunning. But I wanted something with power and oomph. Something that wouldn't just settle into the background.

The WeWood Crono Black (pictured above) is a little bit Joan Jett, a little bit Laura Croft:Tomb Raider. Just what I wanted/needed to amp up my look.  This ebony wood watch is made from a tree that is thought to ward off evil spirits - just call it your good luck charm. And it's not just pretty - in addition to the time, it offers a stopwatch, the time and date and an alarm. So you can always be where you need to be, when you need to be there.

All that for this amazingly low price? And a tree gets planted every time you buy one?

What the heck are you waiting for? Buy a WeWood watch now.

Stephanie Dickison

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