Soap & Glory's Peace Hand Hand Care Kit Is Insanely Addictive!

Before moving into a new house last month, I went in to clean the dust and residue off of everything. Then of course, it all came back once we moved in and tore open boxes full of our stuff. Between the cleaning products and breaking down box after box, I needed to not only wash my hands a lot, but pamper them too as they became chapped and sore.

Soap & Glory's amazing Peace Love Hand Hand Care Kit has given me super soft, clean hands with the bonus of smelling so good, I can't stop inhaling their slightly sweet, springtime-is-here scent!

This super fun duo is wonderfully packaged and named - Wash Your Hands Of It soft liquid hand soap is pretty in pink and delivers the wonderful softness of shea butter . The fun photo of a 1950-ish housewife adds instant kitsch to your kitchen or bathroom. Hand Food nourishes your skin with shea butter, grape seed, macadamia and sweet almond oils and a fragrance that lingers, thank goodness. It even comes with a retro metal rack for extra visual interest.

This set makes a wonderful birthday, housewarming (hint, hint) or hostess gift. And if you just want to get one for yourself just because, that's okay too. In fact, get a couple. You're going to love it that much.

I do.

Stephanie Dickison

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