TOCCA Scents Were Made Just For Me... And You

TOCCA is one of those brands that once you discover it, you become what I call a "lifer" - you just simply cannot do without it now that you've tried it.

TOCCA's Fine Fragrances are some of the most sensual, sumptuous scents I've ever come across. I'm currently addicted to Colette Eau de Parfum (pictured above).

It's sheer coincidence that the one fragrance I tried was inspired by a writer. French novelist and libertine Colette was known for her dalliances as much as her writing and this scent "embodies the irresistible scent of a woman that lingers on the pillow long after she leaves." Pretty sexy, right?

I love how the scent spirals around you, sprinkling a warm scent here, a spicy scent there. It is forever evolving, just like you. It warms right up on my skin, leaving hints of bergamot, pink peppercorn, violet, amber and cedar-wood. Oh, I could wear this scent forever

I don't normally swoon over perfume bottles, but this one is simply stunning. A round bottle with beveled edging is finished with a burnished gold top, complete with a decorative garden scene etching on it. I will keep the bottle long after I've used up the fragrance.

A lovely and sweet addition is when you open the box, the inside top reads, "Love Yourself." What a fantastic gift!

And if you're looking for something to get for a co-worker, your hairdresser or just a beautiful stocking stuffer, the Crema Mani Viaggio (Hand Cream Set) is quite the little luxury. The trio features 3 2fl.oz tubes of wonderful scented lotions that keep your hands incredibly soft and supple, thanks to ingredients such as avocado, coconut and jojoba seed oils and shea butter. The collection -  Cleopatra (grapefruit cucumber), Stella (blood orange) and Florence (Orris Rose) is ready for air travel or just at the ready on your desk.

There is so much to love about TOCCA. I mean, I haven't even mentioned their clothing collection yet!!!

Stephanie Dickison

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