Send a Card They'll Remember This Year With Seek Publishing

As a stationery hound, I am always on the lookout for unique and memorable cards to send out.

This season, I'm sending out my greetings from the award-winning Seek Publishing.

Their new IMproper Greetings line fits in perfectly with my crowd. Richly-coloured vintage images of men and womens from the 20s saying and thinking decidedly modern thoughts. They are fun, fresh and incredibly cheeky, which let's face it - is a whole lot more memorable than that birthday card with the rose on the cover. Puh-lease. And the sturdy stock keeps it from looking hokey or cheap.

It's hard to say which my favourite is: No Detox, No Botox and Holding Me Together Right Now are so of the moment and Well Hell... is perfect for my older friends celebrating their birthdays, as is WTF? Really, you'll be able to find something for everyone here.

And a great gift to give this holiday are Seek's Yearbook KardLets (pictured above). These fantastic voyages down memory lane allows the recipient to see what their birth year (available for years 1930-1999) was like. What music was topping the charts, what famous person was born in your year and what inventions changed the world as we know it? I think these 24-page greeting card/gift booklets are a great way to share in your loved ones cherished memories. I bet there will be a lot of, "I haven't thought about that in years" moments. Isn't that a nice way to give this year? It sure beats another shockingly ugly sweater.

And Snicker Stickers are fantastic stocking stuffers for the folks on your list. These bright 3.5" square removable vinyl stickers come in 16 different designs, each geared towards a different age group. Something tells me that "I remember when Virgin was more than just an airline" and "I remember when thongs went on your feet" will set the room in giggles.

This season, shop Seek Publishing and delight everyone on your list.

Stephanie Dickison

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