Say it with HeartThreads Clothing This Holiday

If you're like me, in recent years your mailing and gift lists got so immense it became a burden. So this is the year that you're only doing quality, meaningful gifts to a few close friends and family. 

One way to do that is with HeartThread Tees.  

Scott Wilson created these amazing t-shirts with a message INSIDE, right next to your heart. "It's what's on the inside that counts," he says.

"After a close friend lost their daughter, I wanted to do something to express my love and support for the family. The vision was to create a 'message close to the heart,' by taking the father's t-shirts and printing a picture of his daughter on the inside of the shirt positioned above the heart. The thought was to keep her image close to him at all times. Seeing the joy it brought this father and his family combined with my belief that 'what's on the inside has more meaning than what's on the outside,' the 'HeartThreads' clothing line was born."

This gift allows the recipient with be walking around with that thought right over their heart. It would be near impossible to feel unloved with a gift like that!

There is much love in these tees. First of all, there's the affirmations themselves. Which one means something to you or to the person you're giving it to? Will it be Friendship or Hope? Be Still or Celebrate? There are a lot to choose from. I am wearing the Faith tee, which comes boxed and reads:

"I believe unconditionally. It is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."

And not only are the messages powerful, these tees are so freakin' sumptuous (if only everything could be made from 100% ultra fine supima cotton jersey), you'll feel good inside AND out. They are preshrunk and machine washable, but you're going to love the fitted contour body and longer length, so you'll actually wear it (unlike all those tees that came before).

And the dedication to detail doesn't stop there - the shoulder seams are sewn with gold colored thread "symbolizing purity, prosperity and longevity." 

Now that's what I call a fabulous gift.

Shop HeartThreads now.

Stephanie Dickison

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