Need a Great Gift This Holiday Season? Shop Button Ups by Chelsea & Kerry for Beautiful Home and Office Decor!

I am not a fancy girl by any means, but I do like everything to be pretty.

From my wardrobe to my office, I like everything to be a little nugget of special: scarves shouldn't be plain in design or colour, stick it notes have to be in a pleasing shade or shape, my calendar can't be solely utilitarian (read: ugly) and my laptop is always covered in a striking image.

So when I saw Button Ups by Chelsea and Kerry, I knew I'd found design mavens that got that your work/home/live space needs to be as pretty as your jewelry, shoes, etc.!

This Canadian duo specialize in handmade bulletin boards "created with refurbished antique frames and decorated cork." They also create amazing Antique Button Push Pins (that come on teeny little bulletin board cutouts, pictured above - no need to wrap them!) and Antique Button Magnet Sets.

The pictures on the site just don't do these buttons and boards justice - they are so beautiful. Like little gems. And you can finally get rid of those hideous plastic things you've been using to hold up your postcards, photos, notes and other important documents on your wall.

And here's the thing - everything is made by hand and yet, look at how affordable everything is!  And it doesn't stop there: If you don't see what you are looking for, they also do custom orders and "will work with you to create a design perfect for your space."

There is such a range of colours and designs - it's such a joy to have each one be different than the rest. Don't you crave that kind of decor? Where everything is so special, so hand-selected?  

I love having these antique mementos facing me as I write. I wonder where they come from, who wore them and when - it's a little bit of history right there with you. What an incredible gift that is. I have a host of people on my gift list that I think will really treasure these beauties as much as I do (I can't stop looking at them - can you say that about your current board/pins?).

Chances are, you and your friends are going to be seriously talking new year's resolutions in a week or two. Why not put them up on the loveliest boards with the most dashing pins and magnets?!

Shop Button Ups by Chelsea & Kerry and have the most beautiful, exceptional holiday and new year every year!

Stephanie Dickison

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