Mix and Match Your Holiday Greetings with Envelopments

Holiday greeting cards have come a long way since I was a kid.

Now there are photo inserts, beautiful letterpress and designs to choose from. 

One of the most innovative companies I've found is Envelopments.

Debroah Hefter and Holly Jakobs developed a set of paper enclosures, originally made from scratch, that eventually became the focus of the business and are now known as Envelofolds, Pocket Folds and Portable Pockets enclosures. 

That, along with their immense selection - 231 colours, 90 shapes and various patterns, textures, folds and shapes - to choose from, makes them sure to impress everyone on your mailing list.

There are also a number of custom features to select, so you can create and design your cards to your specifications without ever having to step foot in a design class. Phew!

You'll love the thick, rich stock, the crisp colours, satiny finishes and clear text. These are luxe cards for sure, but ones that you can afford to make.

Mix and match your way to memorable cards this year with Envelopments

p.s. And on my holiday wish list this year? Envelopments Roll-O-Decks (pictured below).


Stephanie Dickison

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