Eating Well During the Holidays Can Be Hard - That's Why You Need Gardein

Despite the holidays being filled with good food, it's often not the healthiest.

Workplaces fill their lunch rooms with cookies, cakes and chocolate. Dinner parties offer dishes dripping in gravies, butters and cheese. By the end of the month, you feel like you could roll on into the new year without ever moving from the couch.

The other challenge to eating well during the holiday season is that your time is now reduced, thanks to all the shopping, wrapping, visiting, cooking, cleaning, etc. that goes on. You don't have time to create healthy meals from scratch. In fact, you barely have time to pee.

That's why you'll be forever grateful this year for Gardein.

These plant-based, vegetarian foods are high in protein, free of cholesterol and many are full of fiber and low in fat. Made from a mix  of water, flour, veggies, grains, flavors and spices, you'll get the satisfaction of having the foods you crave without all of the bad ingredients or side effects.

They also are incredibly easy to prepare. You can barbecue them, toss them in a skiller or in the oven or microwave.

There are fresh and frozen options. I made the chicken-style options and the beefless tips and with a side of salad or veg, I find they make for an incredibly satisfying meal. All those grains use go to filling you up without making you feel sluggish or bulky like getting food on the go usually makes you feel.

Gardein is available in 9,500 grocery stores across Canada and the US. Find out where to buy Gardein near you and have a happy AND healthy holiday!

Stephanie Dickison

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