CitySlips Foldable Ballet Flats Are Your Holiday Season Lifesaver!

I am going to a party tonight and I plan on wearing a slim-fitting blue dress and towering gladiator heels.

Which means that roughly around 1 hour after I arrive, I'll be looking around for things to lean against and places to sit down that don't leave me out of the circle.

I know you know what I'm talking about. It's only 2 weeks until Christmas and only 3 until New Years Eve and I bet you've got a whack of shoes and outfits already picked out for all your holiday parties and events. 

And already your feet are hurting...

That's why you've got to get and pack yourself some Cityslips.

Cityslips are sleekfoldable ballerina flats that allow you to wear your beautiful but let's face it, painful heels out and about and go home in complete comfort.

They are designed to fold so that you can stash them in even your teeny holiday clutch that holds little else than your phone, keys and gloss. They come with their own matching carrying case, which you could also use as a to-go clutch, but it expands into a full size tote, so that you can store your heels as well as anything else you may pick up on the way home (isn't always just as your on your way home, trying to decompress that you start to remember that you're out of juice, bread, bananas...).

The shoes are darn cute and come in a range of colours and styles (I am rocking black, but the gold are festive, as pictured above - I like their new snakeskins too.)  The elastic backing keeps them from slipping off and the double sole gives you a little added shock absorber so you're not feeling the concrete and keeps 'em in shape, so they'll last you longer than just a few weekends.

Shop now (US click here, Canada here) and keep the party going this season with Cityslips.

Stephanie Dickison

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