You're Going to Fall in Love With Michelle Chang Jewelry

"Statement" necklaces, bib necklaces, earrings as big as a pickup truck and cuffs hang like thick croissants off the wrist often get a lot of attention in fashion mags.

But I think that it takes real talent to create a delicate, fine piece that rests on the clavicle, inviting you to step closer and see up close.

One of the finest designers I've found is Michelle Chang of Michelle Chang Jewelry. Her ethereal pieces in muted golds and silver are whimsical, modern and everlasting. And each piece is handmade, making it completely yours and yours alone.

I am smitten with the Manta Ray Pendant Necklace in Sterling Silver (pictured above). It is fluid like mercury, but flattened against your neck. It acts as a kind of unique amulet. I think it's downright sexy. And thought they are closely related to sharks, manta rays are harmless creatures (they don't even have teeth!) and solitary, so it's nice to be able to have one so close. I think of it as my

I swooned for the Small Wishbone Necklace in Sterling Silver as soon as I laid eyes on it. As a food-obssessed writer, it is a perfect ode to my profession, as well as what I am think about most often. Michelle's wishbone in particular is so feminine and pretty that it has become somewhat of an everday necklace for me, something I've never had before.

These are just two of the many incredible designs that Michelle has. You should really take a look at all of them.

Oh, and if that's not fantastic enough, get this - it's really affordable. Handmade, original designs at these prices? Don't be surprised if you buy in bulk. Actually, you'd be crazy not to!

The holiday season is coming fast. Now you've got:

- a place to get your holiday jewelry, and
- a place to get gifts that will not on be loved, but actually used.

Shop the Michelle Chang Jewelry collection now and get exquisite, memorable jewelry that you will cherish forever.

Stephanie Dickison

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