Want Straight Hair? It's So Easy With Rowenta's Professional Titanium Ceramic Flat Iron!

Not long ago, I wrote about Rowenta's incredible hair dryer.

And now I'm completely smitten with Rowenta's Professional Titanium Ceramic Flat Iron!

I wish you could see the flat iron I was using before this one - oh, it was so heavy and clunky and it used to take me over half an hour to straighten my hair.

With Rowenta's Pro? Six minutes!!

I used it for the night of the bake-off and the pictures just don't do it justice. I've never had straighter hair in my life! People couldn't believe it was my own hair. That's how incredibly transformed your hair will be using Rowenta's Pro

p.s. It comes with a sleek canvas traveling case, so you can have it with you whether you're on vacation or traveling for work. Woo woo!

There are 3 heat settings (360 - 410 - 450 degrees F), so you can adjust it depending on your needs.  And the "professional anodized coating" makes it resistant to abrasion, so that your hair doesn't look or feel fried after use. In fact, using my old one, I could always feel how my hair has broken off and completely dried out. After using Rowenta's, my hair is always soft and smooth and that's without using any protective products either!

You are guaranteed to get uniform and consistent heat (read: perfect, smooth results), thanks to the amazing ceramic heating element. That means, that you can flawless hair each and every time! Floating plates automatically adjust to your hair, so if you're like me, where your hair has different styles and textures (mine is crazy curly and then other parts are only wavy), you will get even result sfrom root to tip.

All in a matter of seconds.

And the Rowenta Professional Titanium Ceramic Flat Iron is so versatile that you can curl and flip your hair, in addition to straightening it. Good to keep in mind for all of those upcoming holiday parties...

Get the Rowenta Professional Titanium Ceramic Flat Iron and finally get the straight hair you've always wanted!

Stephanie Dickison

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