Revolution in Cut Works With Your Specific Haircut!

I love my hairdresser Denise.

She is warm and giving and very talented. She gives me a fantastic cut each and every time, all for a ridiculously affordable price.

So when I see her, I usually tell her what I'm thinking of and then I let her take the reigns and do what she does best. A few times I've asked for the same cut because I love it so much (the angled Victoria Beckham went for a few seasons there), but usually I say, "What do you think?"

Last week, I went in knowing I needed something done with my nest o' hair. 

Denise chopped off my almost shoulder length locks into a very structured Louise Brooks style. Ooh, it's fun!

So when I saw Revolution in Cut by Ric Pipino, I just about fell over - product for not just your hair, but your cut?


It works with your specific hair type and cut.

I absolutely love the shampoo and conditioner, which clean and protect and smell in-cred-i-ble! They keep my platinum locks from dulling over time and it is so soft. My fella can finally run his hands through my hair without his fingers getting snagged in tangles or having it feel like he's caressing a bale of hay!

Ric says that the Prime My Cut products "are the key to training your hair to hold its shape. These six pre-styling products are basically an extension of the hairdresser’s scissors, helping to support and maintain the performance of the haircut in between salon appointments. The Primers have a proprietary formula with specific levels of hold, volume, texture and shine to improve the condition of the hair, in turn extending the life of the cut."

So, as you can imagine, my unruly, clumpy, completely schizophrenic hair is completely styled and behaved, thanks to Ric's help!  Just select which cut you have - Crop, Layered Bob, Bob, Short Layer, Long Layer and Blunt - and pick the appropriate product.
I can't believe my hair can be like this.

I can't believe it IS like this.

My hair is sleek and straight and well, beautiful.

Thanks to Ric Pipino's Revolution in Cut and Denise, that is.

Stephanie Dickison

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