Keep Your Cat Happy With FUNKitty Toys From Premier

Our cat Cosmo is very picky about the toys he plays with.

Really, he doesn't like anything. He does like empty cardboard boxes and bags and the occasional olive or grape that rolls off the table excites him for a few minutes, but it's like living with a moody actor - he just doesn't want to do anything.

So when I saw the FUNKitty series of toys by Premier, I thought, ooh, if we had a different cat, I bet they'd love this!

But despite his occasional grumpiness (it's not his fault - he was mistreated before my fella got him), he is a wonderful guy whom I want to bring much happiness to. So I thought I'd give it a try.

We started with the Twist 'n Treat (pictured above). This awesome little invention is like a spinning top. You unscrew the top part and fill the bottom with treats and/or food. You screw it on, leaving a little opening. The cat then is to bat it around and with enough force, a treat or two will come flying out.

I have to say, Cosmopolitan took to it right away! He's been bunging the thing around for a couple of weeks now and he's still interested in it. This is a first, ladies and gentlemen. Usually he is so over something in a few minutes like a bored teenager rolling their eyes at something you think is cool, but is clearly already lame.

Not only does he like it, but we love it because he's getting exercise while he's playing with it. He runs around the house with it, batting it against the bookshelves and sometimes even under the couch ("I'm coming, Cosmo!").

You can get Twist 'n Treat Teaser that comes with a feather as well.

The Egg-cersizer is similar in design, but different enough that should Cosmo tire of the Twist 'n Treat, we have a backup to keep him from getting cabin fever and from driving us crazy.

And we've got the FUNKitty Doorway Dangler on standby for a little change of pace when Cosmo is looking for attention.

Look, if Cosmo is enticed, this means it's a helluva line, through and through.

Shop Premier's FUNKitty and give your cat a joyous holiday!

Stephanie Dickison

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