Jessica Cosmetics Brilliance is High Gloss in a Flash

I put my hands through a lot every week. I cook, do dishes, move furniture, clean the toilet, take out the garbage, shampoo the cat, do the laundry, etc.

So while I wear nail polish all the time and love the look of painted nails, no matter how great the top coat, I usually have to redo my nails every couple of days. A week at the very most.

Until I used Jessica Brilliance.

This super glossy finish has kept my polish looking fabulous and super glossy for 10 days now. I haven't had to redo them for 10 days. Do you know how much time that's saved me? And every time I leave the house, I look down at my nails thinking, Damn, they look so good. How is that possible?

It's because:

1. UV inhibitors and reflective polymers work to keep them from chipping (along with yellowing and smudging)
2. Jessica ROCKS!

And it gets better - this new formula dries quickly so that you don't have to wait around for your nails to dry (thank you!) and you can reapply it through the week, so that you get that extra hit of gloss each and every time. Your nails will look salon professional even though you haven't left the house.

I used to dream about getting those gel nails done - the ones that last 2 weeks without chipping? Now I don't have to, all thanks to this one little miracle bottle.

I love you, Jessica. You have made it possible to live my life AND have fabulous nails that I don't have to fuss over.

Shop Jessica Cosmetics and change your life/nails.

Stephanie Dickison

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