Get Organized with Rubbermaid's NEW Modular Canisters

My kitchen is ram-jammed with so much stuff, I can barely move in there without knocking something over.

So when I heard about Rubbermaid's NEW Modular Canisters, I was over the moon - they provide 48% more storage in 31% less space vs. standard canisters!

Which means I can actually buy the pantry items I need and keep things on hand for cooking. 

And who wants everything in cardboard boxes? There was a recent magazine feature article and cover story about Jamie Lee Curtis and her organizing style - she takes as many things out of their boxes and containers and labels containers similar to these, which she feels gives an uncluttered look. I agree!

I got the 8 piece set - perfect for my tiny kitchen.

The canisters keep everything super fresh, so instead of clipping the top of your coffee bean bag or rolling down the cereal bag (we all know that doesn't help), you will never have stale food that you have to throw out. Ever.
I really like the size. You have a range from small to large to choose from, so you can store everything from spaghetti to tea bags and grains in bulk. 

I love that you can drop them and they won't break like glass canisters (we have ceramic tile floors in our kitchen!). And I love that finally my pantry looks good and I can see everything and find it in an instant.

Oh, and let's talk about how easy Rubbermaid makes it for you to stay organized:

• One lid fits all containers
• Lid snaps tight to base for a secure seal
• Space Efficient: Stack smartly (side by side), saving space in your pantry
• Clear base to easily see what is stored inside
• Comfortable grip allows you to handle container with ease
• Graduation Marks make measuring easy
• Rectangular, slim design maximizes shelf space
• Dishwasher Safe

Rubbermaid Modular Canisters are the best designed I've ever seen - and sooo affordable. 

If you've been looking for something to finally get that kitchen of yours organized, this might just be the thing that turns it around!

p.s. And who says you can only use them for the kitchen? I'm recommending them to my Mom for her sewing room and my father-in-law for his garage. I think they'd be great in every room actually. Oh, see what's happening here? Once you start seeing the simplicity of organizing like this, it's catching!

Stephanie Dickison

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