Fruit Features First in Farmers' Market Desserts

Recently, I have been trying my hand at baking.

Now that I've made a few things, I wanted to expand my horizons, but let me be clear - I can't do anything difficult yet. I've got to work my way up.

So I went in search of a cookbook that has a range of levels. Since I'm still learning how to make sweet stuff, I can't handle most dessert cookbooks with their 3 page recipes and hours of prep and masterful skills.

I'm so not there yet.

Farmers' Market Desserts: Gorgeous Fruit Recipes from First Prize Peach Pie to Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes however, offers a bunch of manageable recipes that start at easy and work their way up to manageable.

One thing I've learned through my journey so far is that fruit desserts always wow the crowd.

I love the idea of shopping at the farmers' market for the fresh ingredients (I go to Phil's and The St. Lawrence Market usually and then others occasionally) and then coming home to make a memorable dessert.

There are so many choices and thankfully, author Jennie Schacht has categorized them for me - Stone Fruits; Berries; Autumn Harvest; Winter Citrus; Vegetables & Tropical Fruits; Honey, Maple Syrup & Market Jam; Dried Fruits, Nuts & Herbs.

There are more than 50 recipes for pies, puddings, cupcakes, tarts and cakes, with sumptuous photos by Leo Gong, so don't be surprised if you get really, really hungry looking for the perfect recipe for that get together you're having next week.

I can totally make Roasted Peach Melba, Easy Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes, Individual Summer Berry Puddings, Grilled-Fig Sundaes with Balsamic "Fudge," and Mojito Melon Balls.

For those of you far less intimidated by the whole baking process, you'll probably want to tackle Farmer's Secret Chocolate Bundt Cake, Roasted Pumpkin Pie in a Maple-Pecan Crust, Tangerine-sickle Ice Cream and Strawberry Buckwheat Tea Cake.

I told you it'd make you hungry!

Buy the book, shop your local market for ingredients and then post a comment below about what you made, for whom, the occasion, etc. We can have our own little recipe club!

Stephanie Dickison

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