Discover Your Softest Hands & Feet With Manicure/Pedicure by OPI

I walk a lot in completely inappropriate shoes (towering heels, boots that just fit) and because I'm keeper of our household, my hands are always dry (from washing dishes, laundry, handling on the paper on my desk, scrubbing the tub, etc).

In other words, my hands and feet are often in rough shape.

But they are COMPLETELY TRANSFORMED, thanks to Manicure/Pedicure by OPI.

I tried their newest scent, Royal Verbena, which is pretty, floral and light.

I start off with their Scrub. Using natural sugar crystals, the scrub works away on my feet (which simultaneously does my hands - sweet!), which are dry and thick with calluses (running for the subway in my gladiator heels did the final damage). The botanical and citrus extracts immediately revive and rejuvenate my tootsies - Broadway, here I come!.

I don't work on them for long - 2 minutes, max. But already they feel really, really smooth (thank you, triple-action, fruit derived AHAs). That can't be right. It must just feel like that in comparison.


I apply the Mask, which hydrates my skin even further with shea butter and citrus extracts. Ooh, it feels good.

When I remove the mask and go to apply the Massage cream, I am astounded by the texture of my feet (and hands, but my feet were so rough!!). As the emollients and antioxidant vitamins sink into my skin, my skin is hydrated and soothed and oh-so-soft.

It really is a completely indulgent, luxury at-home spa treatment. 

And my skin completely transformed in only a few months and I found that my feet were smooth for almost 8 weeks before I roughed 'em up again.

I am hooked.

Get your own soft hands and feet right now.

Stephanie Dickison

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