Discover the New SUSY JACK* for Blue Sky Collection of 2011 Calendars & Planners

Well, it's official: It's less than a month until Christmas and just over a month until the new year.

I don't want to get you all panicked (I know you have enough to worry about), but seriously - it's time to get a planner/calendar for the new year!

And I'm swooning over the contemporary look of Blue Sky's NEW Designer Series - SUSY JACK* for Blue Sky collection of 2011 calendars and planners.

I love that this collection is colourful, but not distracting and busy - I mean, I want to be able to see what I write.

The colours are peaceful and soothing, which is just what what you want when you get a look at that insane schedule of yours. Choose from Raspberry Bloom, Periwinkle Cornflower and Green Vines in silhouette on ecru and white backgrounds. Feminine and pretty, but serene. No bright, jarring colours here (thank you for that).

After choosing the colour that pleases you most, choose the size that works with your life. I change it up every year depending on what my work (and desk) are like.

No matter what you select, the durable cover will stand up to you toting it around with you, or the piles of work and cups of coffee that hover nearby on your desk.
But no doubt, it will be the clean planning pages that you fall in love with the most.

Susy Connor of Susy Jack* explains her vision for her calendars and planners:

"When I launched Susy Jack* in 2007, I wanted to create simple yet expressive design people would enjoy bringing into their own daily lives. Since then, I’ve received many requests to make a dated planner - but as anyone who has shopped for one knows, calendars and planners are tricky to get just right. Through this collaboration with Blue Sky, I can offer my design style to a broader audience, in a well-considered, well made assortment of dated goods for everyday use. It's a really great partnership." 

My Mom has been carrying a purse-sized planner for years (don't most Moms?), but I think this one, the 2011 Weekly/Monthly Stapled Planner (3.75 x 6.25 11/12), is by far her favourite.  It's because it's so pretty and so easy to use. 

For keeping your family organized at home, the 2011 Monthly Wall Calendar is a dream. My friend Victoria is going to use hers for at the office, so that she can keep her deadlines in plain sight. But there's nothing plain about her calendar...

Ooh, the 2011 Weekly/Monthly Planner 8.5 x 11 is good looking. And so nice and big - finally enough room to write everything down that I need to do! It includes tabbed months, so you can easily look ahead to what needs to be done and when.  There's the weekly calendar to capture my appointments and to-do lists, as well as an overview calendar, quick reference, contacts and notes  pages. I got it in Green Vines. It looks so good on my desk, I just want to use it ALL THE TIME.

That's the kind of calendar/planner you should have. Something you absolutely l-o-v-e. 

Get an entire year of lovely online at Blue Sky,, and at Office Depot stores. 

p.s. These calendars and planners are printed with non-toxic soy based ink on recycled paper containing 60% post-consumer materials.

Stephanie Dickison

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