Become an Instant Expert With These Foodie Field Guides

When you want to know every last detail about a subject, there's no better place than the amazing Field Guide series of books.

Being a food lover and cook, I got:

They are a fantastic way to learn more about the topics that interest you.

The Produce guide has fruits and vegetables that I've never heard of before - and I call myself an expert!
For example, Samphire is a salty plant, which is sold mainly in the summer. You want to look for "crisp, brightly coloured, small sprigs of samphire that are firm," the book says. It will last in the fridge up to one week. How to use it, you ask? Author Aliza Green suggests, "Fill the cavity of a sea bass with sprigs of fennel and bake, then serve on a bed of steamed samphire that has been tossed in butter and seasoned with freshly ground black pepper."

You get pages of clear colour photos and even recipes with these A-Z guides that will have you cooking up Beef Rolls, Pork Neck,Woodcock, Citron, Medlar, Crosnes and using Hyssop, Borage, Huacatay and Chinese Wolfberry!

These are must-haves for the foodie on your holiday list. And don't forget - add yourself onto that list too!

Stephanie Dickison

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