Step Up Your Wardrobe With Jockey Tights, Sheers & Shapers!

I get soooo bored with my clothes.

Dressing for work or a party, I always feel like I have nothing to wear, that I wear the same 5 things.

Recently I have discovered a secret to extending and expanding my wardrobe - getting accessories that will add flair to my outfits and change up my look for "whatever" to "wow."

And that's so easy with the new collection from Jockey!

Take Sheer Dot Hosiery, for example. 

How cute are these? The small dot is perfect - not too big, not too small - and can look smart with office wear or be damn sexy paired with a little black dress.  And here's where the Jockey savvy comes in - the pattern goes all the way to the tips of your toes, so you can wear these with peep toes and look smashing from head to well, toe.

And for those days and nights that you want to look your best, the Waist to Mid-Thigh Slimmer tucks you in an all the right places and the waist and leg bands stay in place, whether you're taking a stroll after dinner or tearing it up on the dancefloor.  

You can have the shape you want, thanks to Jockey!

And even though our wardrobes are getting thicker and darker, I like the look of a light nylon against a gray wool skirt or a hint of natural looking skin between the edge of a black dress and the top of black boots. So when I saw Jockey's Sheerest Ever nylons (pictured above), I knew I'd found a wardrobe staple.

First of all, they are soft and sheer, so your legs look and feel fantastic. Secondly, you'll love the  smooth wide waistband -  if you're stuck hunched over your laptop for the workday, you'll actually be working in comfort for once. The lengthened control panty is a nice feature (keep that pizza you had for lunch tucked away, at least until you get undressed!), as is the sandal foot, which means you can rock a high-heeled sandal or open-toed shoes.

Which means, you can extend the wear of your spring and summer shoes, skirts, dresses and pants for a little bit longer.

These collections are available online and in department stores across Canada.

Stephanie Dickison

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