The Secret to Looking Fabulous? Marchesa for Le Métier de Beauté!

Le Métier de Beauté partnered with Marchesa’s co-founders and designers, Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig, to bring you the first collection of what is truly phenomenal makeup.

Pairing this luxury fashion line with the cosmetics company just made sense for the Marchesa designers:

“Each season,” explains Georgina Chapman, co-founder and designer of Marchesa, “Keren Craig and I introduce a new collection, but with the classic and consistent signature that is Marchesa – we transport our customers back to a time when luxury fashion meant the best in tailoring, design, fabric, etc. When it came to launching a cosmetics collection, we wanted to do the same and we found immediately that Le Métier de Beauté shared these same core values.”

The luxury begins with the swank packaging .  The mercurial silver of the Marchesa for Le Métier de Beauté Collection’s outer packaging was "directly inspired by Sandra Bullock’s silver bugle Marchesa Oscar dress from this past year’s awards," pictured below.

What I love about this incredible collection is how timeless everything is, yet with a clear modern edge - just like Marchesa's clothing.  It's like 40s glam with 2010 modernity.

In other words, exactly what a girl wants.

Take The Palettes, for instance. These awesome compacts have everything you need to create a signature look - with products for eyes, cheek, lip and face - all in one sleek and sexy credit card-sized case.  There are two looks to choose from:

La Lune is date night, dancing-with-the-girls night perfection.  You've got Translucent Pressed Powder and Concealer for perfecting your complexion, La Cerise Noir Lip Gloss (dark plum - sooo sexy), La Peche Crème Blush for keeping that innocent look and Le Minuit Eye Shadow (midnight shimmer)  to keep them guessing.

If "beach babe" is more your look, then Le Soleil is just for you. This palette was hand-crafted by Keren Craig, so it's like having a pro right there next to you. You simply can't screw up because the colours and textures have been so carefully selected and created. Don't you wish all of your makeup came with this kind of insurance? Concealer keeps your skin light where it's naturally dark and Bronzer kisses your cheeks with a soft, warm glow.  Le Caramel Lip Gloss is one of the most flattering , sexy products I've ever tried and the Le Fauve Eye Shadow is ever so natural, but not too much so that it fades into the background. Oh no, this look is completely sexy.

And adding to their appeal is their fragrance. It is like being at a makeup counter with fragrances swirling around you as lip gloss is daubed and powder puffed.  Ooh, it's so feminine.

And speaking of lip gloss, I absolutely adore the Double Entendre Lip Glosses!

There are 4 dual-ended lip glosses, 8 shades in total, but blend them and you've got 16 new lip glosses to take you through the seasons. How brilliant is that?!

La Figue/La Raisin  is a creamy combination of plum and shimmering neutral
La Feu/La Glace is radiant red balanced with a lush mauve
L’embrasse/Le Passion  is a unity between a bittersweet chocolate and blushing bronze
La Rouge/La Nude is a shimmering nude matched by a golden raspberry hue

You can tell how incredibly well-crafted they are by how wonderfully they go on - smooth, creamy, rich in emollients and oh-so soft. My lips feel completely and utterly pampered. Like they're ensconced in satin

If you want to look fabulous, you've got to get yourself the Marchesa for Le Métier de Beauté Collection.

You can find it at Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman nationwide.

Stephanie Dickison

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