Make Pizza & Other Baked Goods Just Like the Pros With Super Peel!

I am in a baking competition tomorrow night even though I am a complete novice when it comes to cookies, cakes and assorted baked goods (cooking, however, I can handle).

What I've learned about baking so far is that it is about the tools you use as much as the ingredients you use.

So when I saw the Super Peel, I knew I had to add it to my pantry.

The Super Peel allows you to move your dough - whether it's a pizza crust, olive foccacia or a loaf of cheddar cheese bread - easily to and from the oven.

As you know, dough can be extremely sticky, so why fumble on your own when the Super Peel can handle it like a pro for you?  As it states on the website, "It can pick up almost any dough, even if partially stuck to your preparation surface, transport it, and then put it down again, gently and precisely, exactly where you want it, all without sticking, distortion of shape, ripping, deflation or other common problem."

I am just starting to understand baking and I think it is difficult enough to just combine everything just right without having to worry about dropping the dough or getting it stuck on something.  Ugh.

Thanks to a solid board, a contoured handle for an easy grip and an easy finish that allows you to transport your baked goods with ease, you can become an expert home baker in no time!  

And plus, it so much fun to use (don't be surprised if you start singing, "Mamma Mia, Pizzeria, la, la, la, la la...Hey!")

If you bake at all, I highly recommend buying the Super Peel.  

Ooh, it makes a great gift too.

Stephanie Dickison

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