Look Extraordinary With Lancôme's Incredible Skincare & Makeup

Lately, my sleep is all over the place.

There was the bake-off this past weekend, my radio show Tuesday and my fella Scott is in crazy production mode for his newly launched series, Tights & Fishes: Ashes, so sometimes we have dinner at 11 pm, which means we're not in bed until 2 or 3.

Needless to say, I've been feeling pretty ragged.

But thanks to Lancôme's amazing skincare and makeup, you can't tell!

In the morning, I apply Lancôme's Hydra Zen Neurocalm (pictured above) and all of the signs of lack of sleep, stress and general disarray slip into oblivion. 


All day long my skin looks plump and supple, no matter what my sleep patterns.

And not only are the results phenomenal but I love the feel of this gel-cream. It soaks your skin with moisture upon application and the scent is so luxurious - I feel like a movie star when I apply Hydra Zen

Before bed, I put on Génefique Repair. So now I'm waking up without looking ragged in the least.  That's because Génefique Repair works while you sleep!  

The first morning after, skin looks smoother and fresher, and the more you use it, the more rested you look. As if you had "slept 2 hours more," in fact. 

And the cream is so rich and nourishing, it's a delight to put it on before going to sleep. I actually look forward to it. Can you think of any beauty regimen that you look forward to?

Armed with these 2 creams alone, I look and feel about 5 years younger and my skin is COMPLETELY FLAWLESS.

And because I like a completely natural look when it comes to makeup, I am smitten with Lancôme's Teint Idole Fresh Wear Matte Foundation.

It goes on lightly, but gives me the coverage I need - pores and spots disappear.  Without being powdery, cakey or shiny, it is incredibly soft, both in look and feel. That's because it's suffused with water molecules, so your skin is being hydrated while you apply it with complete ease.

Oh, and by the way, it lasts for 18 hours!

Which, let's face it, how long some of our days last, right? This makeup keeps up with you are your demanding schedule.

It stays matte, so you don't have to worry about daubing at your face throughout the day to rid it of inevitable shine.  One less thing you have to worry about - check!

I'm wearing Buff 5C, which doesn't leave a dark line along my jaw like other brands, and for once, I don't feel like I'm wearing foundation at all. It is that light.

And with SPF 15 Sunscreen built right in, you can apply your makeup and get outta the house without having to remember to apply one more lotion or cream.

Lancôme is one of the few skincare and cosmetic companies that not only delivers its promises to transform your look - it exceeds them. 

Shop now and look extraordinary in an instant with Lancôme

Stephanie Dickison

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