Build & Customize Your Own Notebook With Rollabind

Just as we all like our breakfast a certain way, we all like a specific kind of notebook.

Many of my writer friends like blank pages in which to scrawl.  My Mom loves graph paper. Artist friends of course like sketchbooks.  I like lined paper to capture my thoughts. 

And then there's the size, cover, types of pages, etc. to consider.

That's why  Rollabind Notebooks are so ingenious!

Not only can you select each and every aspect of your notebook, it has "the flexibility of a three ring binder with the convenience of a spiral notebook."

Ooh, you can take pages in and out - organizing your thoughts after you've got it all down on paper, because who writes in an organized and logical fashion? This is a fantastic feature for those of us working on big projects like books (I'm able to organize my various thoughts into single chapters with just a few quick motions! Brilliant!) or if you are constantly trying to simply keep track of everything in your life and you want to keep it all in one place (phew!).

You can use different sizes of paper in the same notebook, so you can draft up notes in your meeting notebook and insert them into your project notebook, so that you have everything accessible IN ONE PLACE!

Revolutionary, my friends. 

I like it for my GTD notes, as well as keeping all of my various ongoing jobs organized.  And get this - each notebook lays flat and the pages turn 360 degrees, so you can write comfortably at your desk or on the go! 

I am currently writing in the Letter Size Rollabind Notebook with Translucent Cover (in Orange, pictured above).

The cover - 9 1/4 x 11 1/2 in - fits my lettersize paper, 60 ruled pages, beautifully.  And the 11 discs match the cover so that you are as stylish with your accessories as with your wardrobe choices.

The cover is made out of durable .30 gauge density polyethylene plastic, so you can protect your notes no matter what the weather.  

And I got an extra pack of paper because knowing me, it won't be long before I fill this l'il beauty up!

I love my Rollabind Notebook.  

Which one are you going to get?

Stephanie Dickison

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