Brighten Up Your Makeup Routine with Sue Devitt Cosmetics!

I have essentially been applying my makeup the same way that I did back in high school (a long, long time ago!).

It's not that I want to look the same - in fact, the more different the better. It's just that makeup tends to look the same on me no matter what I do.

But when I saw Sue Devitt's Cosmetics, I knew I'd found just the thing to make me look the way I've always wanted to.

Sue, a world traveler, explains on her website how she came to choose her colour palette:

"While creating and experimenting on location I've blended shades from seas that shimmer in the moonlight; created vibrant color found in the magnificent coral reefs; developed smoky purple and lavender tones at the base of Kilimanjaro and found joyous themes inspired by the characters of villagers themselves."

Her Hydrating Marine Minerals Destination Eye Palette is one of the most gorgeous eye shadow palettes I've ever seen! Doesn't it make you want to put it on RIGHT NOW?!

I got it in Blue Waters (pictured above), but I have to say, I love all of the palettes equally (how often does that happen?).

You know I'm a complete knob when it comes to applying makeup well, but somehow Sue has made it easy. Perhaps it's because the shades are so flattering (my eyes look so green!) or that they are so highly pigmented, but blendable (no DWTS horror show here).  

I love that it's not drying in the least, but actually anti-aging and moisturizing, due to ingredients like sea butter, shea butter and vitamins and minerals.

Ooh, and it lasts throughout my work day and night without creasemarks or smudges. So I look picture perfect from the day's start to end.  And I get the vivid colour I've been aching for without looking like a Vegas showgirl (no offense, ladies!).

And check out the amazing Gel-to-Powder Blush.

I tried it in Kelai (what a pretty name) and man, you won't how soft and silky it feels. And the colour - finally a blush that actually delivers colour to my cheeks!

It gives you that smooth finish that makes you look polished all day long ,it is hydrating (thank you, because with this colder weather comes gross dry office air that gives you the appearance of onionskin - ugh), and smooths out the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Can you say that about the blush you've got on right now?

Didn't think so.

And I'm addicted to Sue's Spa Complexion Hydrating Marine Minerals Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15! I love that it drenches my skin with moisture and just a hint of colour. My skin looks vibrant, yet natural, and because of the antioxidants and SPF, my skin is protected too.

If you want a little more coverage, you've got to try the luscious Triple C-Weed Whipped Foundation. It's the texture of light mousse - how luxurious!  Three types of seaweed, vitamin C and chamomile extract all go to work on your skin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, hydrate the heck out of it and protect it. Along with the unique ingredients and formulations, what makes this foundation so different is that you massage it into your skin, so that all those vitamins, minerals and antioxidants penetrate your skin.

So no more thin layer of makeup sitting atop your skin.What a difference that makes to how your skin and makeup look!

Sue Devitt Cosmetics are extraordinary.

And you will look extraordinary in them. 

Stephanie Dickison

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