Be Pretty in Pink with Senna Cosmetics

In the latest editions of Vogue, InStyle and Harper's Bazaar, despite the chilly fall weather, pink makeup is right on target.

And Senna Cosmetics has got the perfect shades to make you look feminine and alluring.

Eye & Face Highlighting Colors allow you to highlight any feature - sweep over your eyelids for a base before applying colour or add to your cheeks and brows for a little spotlight.  These light pink hues are subtle enough that they don't overwhelm your complexion but highlight your best features.

And to keep your look light, Sheer Glow Eye Colours give you just a hint of colour. I like that you get a hint of colour without looking too made up, yet brings out the colours of your eyes. The light-reflecting properties are shimmery, not metallic or glittery, so don't worry - you'll  look like a grown up, just softer. Trust me, this is one of those items that once you try it, you won't be able to live without!

Ooh, I love Senna's Sheer Lipstick SPF! You know when you want a little colour, not a bright, matte mouth? These ballerina pinks give your lips just a little more colour and definition than your usual pout.

And because I know you're not ready to give up your lip gloss quite yet, you'd better get yourself some Lip Lacquer. You're going to love it for so many reasons:

1. it gives you the glassy look that you crave
2. it tastes like vanilla (!)
3. it lasts longer than those ones you're using now

See why I love Senna?

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