You've Never Had Licorice Like Natural Vine Licorice!

I have always had more of a salt tooth than sweet.

Gimme pickles, olives, potato chips and licorice over cupcakes, chocolate and pie.

So when I heard about the new all-natural Natural Vines Licorice, I was pretty excited.

Now I can enjoy licorice made with natural ingredients (no artificial flavours, preservatives or high fructose corn syrup) and because there is also no cholesterol or trans fats, I can feel good about indulging every once in awhile. 

What I didn't expect was how fresh and soft it would be - oh my!  And it stays that way, thanks to the smartly-designed resealable bag.  The twists are made into thick, bite-sized pieces, so it's easy to snack on and makes sharing more fun.

The taste, though, is what's going to make you a devotee: 

The Strawberry Licorice Twists evoke strawberries, not that plastic-y, rubber hose taste that you are familiar with with those other, lesser brands of licorice.  And the Black Licorice Twists have the perfect blend of salty/sweet.  

The real testament I think, is that I was having a few Black Licorice Twists and I apologized to my fella about the smell. He has never liked black licorice, despite my repeated attempts to ply him with my beloved treat.  He was intrigued by their fresh scent and actually tried one.  He said it was the best licorice he's ever had.

He might not be a lifelong fan like I am, but that just means that they'll be more for me!

Stephanie Dickison

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