Working Class Studio's Journals Make Writing Fun!

Working Class Studio is a division of SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design).

Here you'll find the coolest, most colourful and innovative products. Everything from plates to pillows, stationery to picture frames, you'll find great gifts and things to liven your house.

I am excited about their New Journals for their Fall & Holiday 2010 Collections. There are 5 designs to choose from.

I selected the whimsical Buttons, but they are all so darn pretty, you should probably just get one of each. You know, just to be safe....

Printed using soy ink on post-consumer waste recycled paper, these journals are just what the urban commuter needs - cute, but practical. The soft cover may lead you to think that it's not up to the task of being toted around, but the elastic band closure ensures that all of your 96 pages remain intact during travel.

The size - 6" x 8" - is great for stashing in your bag as you run out the door (it seems to know how busy you are, but understand that you simply must write down what's on your mind), but not too small that you have to cram all of your brilliant thoughts and ideas into a tiny little thing where you can't read anything you've written and your hand cramps and then you stop using it because it's too inconvenient.

Nope, this is the perfect size and with such strong black lines, you might not have the neatest handwriting, but at least your writing will be in a somewhat straight line for once.

It's everything you could want in a journal.

Which is exactly what you look for when looking for a journal...

Stephanie Dickison

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