Revolution Organics: A Makeup Routine That's Simple - Finally!

The NEW Freedom Collection from Revolution Organics Cosmetics is exactly for I have been looking for - a simple, healthy line of products that I can swipe on and get out the door.

Look, I'm certainly not going to leave the house without any makeup on, but I don't want to spend all morning in front of the mirror either.

Take the Freedom Glow Multi-Tasking Beauty Balm, for instance. 

I love that I can just swipe this huge on my lips, cheeks, eyes - even decolletage if I want - for a sheer hint of colour and shine.  Not only is it a quick hit of colour that I desperately need in the am (especially if I haven't had any coffee yet), but it's incredibly moisturizing.  

What's fantastic is that it isn't hydrating to start and then wears off like most products. Oh no, this one you can feel sinking into your skin and keeping it plump and supple throughout the day - and the heat, smog, smoke and whatever else you and your skin are up against.

And how cool is it that it comes from cold-pressed organic olive oil, coconut oil, aloe vera, beeswax and other 100% pure, natural and organic ingredients?  It comes in 3 awesome colours - peachy Sunkissed, rosy Blushed and the golden tan of Bronzed. No matter what the season, you're going to want to keep this close at hand.

The Lip Balm saturates my lips with moisture too.  It infiltrates my dry, flaky pout with apricot, palm, castor and olive oils, beeswax, shea and cocoa butters and other wonderful natural ingredients.  And you just need a little bit, but it lasts and lasts.  I can air kiss, have my cuppa joe and tell a room full of people about my experiences, all while having smooth, moist lips.

And it gets even better.

Freedom Lip Gloss is one of those glosses that makes you say, "Ooh" as soon as you start applying it.  Jojoba and olive oils, aloe vera and shea butter soften and nourish your lips, but the colours - peach, red and various pinks - go on so beautifully, so flatteringly, you'll wonder how it manages to be so many things in this one slim, sleek container.

USDA Certified Organic.  Free of chemicals, parabens, synthetics, artificial ingredients, and fillers (including water!) and packaged in recyclable, biodegradable materials.  Easy and quick to use, but the results are stunning and long-lasting. 

What are you waiting for?!  I just got you about 25 extra minutes each and every day! 

Go get Revolution Organics Cosmetics and enjoy your freedom from the bathroom mirror!

Stephanie Dickison

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