Make the Switch to Better For GrownUps Reusable Organic Cotton Tissues

This year I want to make some changes in how I do things.  

I vigorously recycle and compost at home, and donate my clothes on a regular basis.  

But there's got to be something more...
Better For GrownUps has a host of products that can help and their Reusable Organic Cotton Tissues are a great place to start. 

The first to love about them is that they are soft (Fair Trade & Certified Organic cotton), so you'll actual want to use them.  Who wouldn't rather feel sateen against their skin than paper?  And while soft, these little guys are strong, so go ahead and sneeze right into 'em - they can take it!  

The box they come in is smart - your tissues are dispensed just like the traditional ones you've been using up until now, but there is a drawer compartment built into this one, that allows you to discard your used tissues with ease.  Then just toss them into the wash with the rest of your laundry. It's that easy!

You get 12 tissues to start and refill packs are available.  

Switching to Better for GrownUps Reusable Organic Cotton Tissues is a change you can feel good about.

See what else you can do.

Stephanie Dickison

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