Late Night Last Night? No One Will Know Thanks to Marcelle's 1st Wrinkles Eye Contour Cream

My sleep is all over the place this summer.

And I've got the undereye dark circles and bags to prove it.

But thanks to Marcelle's 1st Wrinkles Eye Contour Cream, you won't know about it.

It not only goes to work on dark circles and puffiness, so that I don't scare people on the subway, but it prevents the first signs of aging (read: lines and wrinkles), so I won't scare anyone a year or two from now either.

The formulation of this cream is amazing - it's superlight and silky and there is not one iota of sticky residue afterward. It is such a joy to apply and the best part? It sinks into your parched skin right away, so go ahead and put on your makeup. Marcelle knows you don't have much time to get ready before you have to leave for work...

Your eyes will go from looking like bulging duffle bags to taught and refreshed in a flash.


And for those of you sensitive folks, don't worry - it's hypo-allergenic, perfume free and ophthalmologist tested.

So get on with your day and try and get some sleep.

At least you'll look smashing in the meantime...

Stephanie Dickison

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