Celebrate the Warm Weather With Pretty New Sandals from Oka b. Shoes

Here it is the last week of August/first week of September and I'm sweltering over here.

I think September and maybe even October are going to be hot.  

Which means, that you probably don't want to keep wearing the sandals you've been sweating in all summer.  


Oka b. makes shoes that are fashionable, yet comfortable. A little massage while you walk?  Absolutely, thanks to massage beads! Ease of walking?  Sure thing! Reflexology and ergonomics have been utilized in the design on the shoe to give you real lift and support while you walk, as well as helping with your posture.  All that in one shoe? 

Yep.  It's true.

This spa-styled line is 100% recyclable, waterproof, made in the USA and priced at $40 or under.

And because of the unique material used - Microplast - they are about antimicrobial and washable, so that no matter how hot it gets, you always have clean, fresh-smelling sandals!  That means you can wear 'em to the gym, spa or out on the town and you'll be protected from mildew, fungus and bacteria.  Those plastic thingy-s from the mall won't do all of this for you.  Just wipe clean and you're good to go.

These amazing sandals are constructed out of one piece, so you know they'll live up to all you do - walking, standing, dancing, etc. Oka b. shoes are non-slip, non-marking (I've never seen this feature in a shoe before!) and get this - MACHINE WASHABLE!

OMG, right?

I got Bailey in Copper from the New Winter 2010 Collection. Ooh, they are pretty. Inspired by the Lucy flip flop thong sandal, they go with everything in my closet, from a frilly, frothy dress for a fancy dinner party to capris and tank to walk the neighbourhood with a friend.

Warning - you are going to want a bunch of these because they are so comfortable and work with both your wardrobe and lifestyle.

p.s. And in case that's not enough, they come with a two-year guarantee.

Stephanie Dickison

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