Saky Sacks - A Reusable Bag That's Designed With You In Mind

I have come to realize that my reusable bag that I carry everywhere with me, alongside my purse, has to be three things:

- Durable (Read: Strong enough to hold all my library books including heavy cookbooks, grapefruit, and assorted jars and cans of things I pick up along the way)

- Light (Have you seen my purse? It's the size of a Thanksgiving turkey. I don't need any extra weight, thankyouverymuch)

- Oh-So-Pretty (Look, I'm no fashionista, but I also don't want to be carrying around those ugly plastic things that grocery and retail stores shill)

I found all 3 things in Saky Sacks.

Because they use this incredible material - tyvek -you can pack up to 25 pounds of whatever you need to into this little beauty. A clasp on the inside keeps everything from spilling out (your eggs are finally safe!)

The material is ultra lightweight (your tissues will weigh more), small (go ahead and squash it into your already packed suitcase - it will fit, trust me), tear, stain and water resistant and machine washable.

You can toss it into the machine, which means you'll actually use it (who cares if it gets dirty when you can throw it in the wash?).

It's pretty (I got the Suzani Saky - Pink, pictured above) but not too pretty to put to good use.

Just what you needed, wouldn't you say?

Buy a bunch now.

Stephanie Dickison

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