Give Your Home a New Look for Fall With Realm Dekor

I get restless when the seasons change.

I want to cut my hair, rework my seemingly static wardrobe and change things here at home.

Thanks to Realm Dekor, I can make things feel new again with just a few, very inexpensive purchases.

To refresh my look for fall, the City Bag oughtta do it.

This is a new shape for bags. It feels both modern and retro all at once, doesn't it? And you're going to love the soft black leather - it goes with everything and gets better the more you use it (good, because you're really going to use it). There is just enough room for your essentials and a back pocket with zipper closure to keep your belongings secure.

All for only $20? Maybe you should get a couple...

To change things up here at home, I started with the DVD Light.

I love the idea of being able to change your environment to your mood. This DVD allows you to "play" 8 different colours. Why leave your flat screen all dark when it can be blue, pink, etc? And I love the idea of playing it at our next party. It's your own art installation, all at an unbelievably low price!

The realistic Sleep Like a Rock Pillowcases adds oomph and edge to your tired looking bedroom.

These are super king size, so you can make a kind of headboard outta them. Much better than that microsuede thing that you got when you first moved in - ew.

These two sided pillowcases allow you to sleep on the rock side, or plain black. And because they're 75% cotton, 25% polyester, you can look like you're sleeping on bedrock and sleep comfortably.

I think these make a great gift.
And to really jazz up our space, the Miami Accent Throw is purrfect. I love it for so many reasons:

1. What a totally hot colour. Seafoam green faux fur is so much hotter than that cream or chocolate brown one you've been using. Really. That's so last year, people!

2. Oh, it is uber soft. There is nothing I love more than cozying up in bed or on the couch under a soft, plush, warm blanket. Mmm.

3. It can be shared with Cosmo.

4. This beauty is only $20!!!!!!

Stock up for birthday, anniversary and Christmas gifts at Realm Dekor. You'll get completely original, luxe items at prices that you can actually afford!

The changing of the seasons never looked so good.

Stephanie Dickison

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