Be an Original With Histoire de Parfums

Gérald Ghislain's dream was to create perfumes.

He founded Histoires de Parfums in 1999 and has created "a collection of twelve rare and delicate perfumes."

According to the website:

"Born in the South of France and brought up in Morocco, Gérald grew up surrounded by Mediterranean scents, and refined his palette and nose with gastronomy, learning the art of putting together and distilling savors. As with perfumery and cuisine, the key words of this creator are passion, know-how, exception and creativity. An eminently luxurious craftsman’s grammar, creating aromatic phrases of sharply accurate vocabulary, which enhances the noblest of raw materials."

Of course what intrigues me most, is not just the unique blends he's created and the "library" that he's created, but the role that food and gastronomy play in his concoctions.

I am truly fascinated by 1804. It is such a warm, woodsy, soapy scent that I can't do anything but sit with my eyes close and take it all in. It is so feminine and yet, it has a depth that many perfumes don't reach. Perhaps it's not just what it composed of, but how many elements are at play here: Tahitian gardenia, Corsica peach, Hawaiian Pineapple, clove, Indian jasmine, lily of the valley, rose of Morocco, Sandalwood, patchouli, Benzoin, vanilla and white musk.

I'm going to need just a minute more...

1826 is blissful and somehow, very white smelling. Maybe it's the white flowers. There is an edge of spice (ginger, cinnamon), but it's not startling - instead, intriguing. Bergamot and tangerine tangle with warm vanilla and scents reminiscent of the 60s: patchouli, amber and incense from Jakarta.


1873 is intensely youthful and citrusy. All I can think of when I inhale this scent is sunshine and champagne. Mmm.

I can't get over how unique Vert Pivoine is. It's very clean smelling, with just a hint of whimsical forest.

But maybe it's just the evocative scent of peonies and I don't know my flowers very well...

Chocolate. That's what I get when I take in 1969's rich scent. Lucky for me, it is one of the ingredients (I only got it right because it's food, not flowers) and not overly sweet. And it's pretty darn sexy, to boot.

Histoires de Parfums offers truly unique and unusual scents that you can wear at the office or nightclub.

It is a story in a bottle, but once you wear it, it becomes a story all your own.

Stephanie Dickison

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