Sky-Friendly Skincare - Have Plump, Supple Skin in the Air and On the Ground!

Aren't you tired of the effects that traveling is having on your skin?

The re-circulated air that leaves your skin feeling dried out and papery, the lack of moisture you can feel under your eyes and on your lips - ugh. You can feel pretty gross by the end of a flight.

That's why you're going to go gaga for the Air Repair Kit!

Created by Denise Spanek, this is "the only system available in the market specifically created to combat the effects of flying and environmental changes that are directly related to one’s skin."

But don't think it is an "air only" system. I've been using it here on the ground and just last night, my fella told me my skin was "beautiful," so there's your proof it's good for any altitude!

The Kit includes 5 essential components that contain powerful ingredients in which to retain your skin's moisture and help your skin adjust to different climates (so if you're planning on mountain climbing, sailing, etc., you'd want to make sure you tuck this into your well-worn travel gear).

Check 'em out:

- Your seatmate is going to be so jealous! Complexion Quenching Facial Mist helps you and your skin feeling refreshed and hydrated during a long flight.

- Soothing Facial Cleansing Milk that uses chamomile and arnica extracts to soothe and clean your skin. It even removed my stubborn mascara!

- They don't call it super hydrating for nothing - this awesome Eye Cream will make you look and feel like you've had a good night's sleep instead of what you actually did (up at 3 a.m. to get to the airport, packed your bags, etc.).

- My favourite product of the bunch. Beauty Balm is one of those creams that is light and penetrates quickly, yet you can feel your skin being constantly nourished all day/night long. My skin is smooth, plump and completely even. Sigh. I can't wait 'til they create one of these for the body...

- And because your lips and hands will no doubt dry out and crack from the lack of air in the cabin, you'll want to keep your Rescue Balm close at hand (pocket, purse or carry-on oughtta do it). If you're anything like me, you'll start referring to this as your lifesaver.

Oh, and it all comes in a clear travel bag, so that you can breeze through security and access what you need once you're up among the clouds.

You can also buy all of the components separately.

Stephanie Dickison

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