Send a Letter of Real Beauty With the French General Stationery Box

French General is one of those lines that once you see it, you can identify forever.

Just think - Laura Ashley, Ralph Lauren, Fog Linen. They are instantly distinguishable from the rest of the crowd. You know them upon first look. There is a style to their fabrics and products that flows throughout the entire line.

You probably know the line best through the best-selling books, such as Home Sewn, which I wrote about back in January.

Kaari Meng, shop owner, scours the French countryside and Parisian flea markets for beautiful vintage fabrics in classic palettes for her store, French General.

I think that what she has created is a wonderful oasis to the French countryside all in the comfort of our very own homes.

How incredible is that?

And that's why I am loving the French General Stationery Box. You can send someone the classic patterns of vintage French fabrics in a beautiful letter that they will always cherish (and if they're smart, frame).

The box includes 30 writing sheets and 30 envelopes, with 6 designs to choose from.

Oh, and don't throw out the box - it's too pretty! Put all that clutter on your desk in there and be inspired by French General all day long.

We can't all live in the French countryside, but it's nice to think about, isn't it?


Stephanie Dickison

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