Say Goodbye to Your Landline With the XLINK BT Cellular Gateway

Good grief. Are you still paying for a landline?

Well, get rid of it, for goodness sakes! But hold onto those corded and/or cordless phones - you're going to need them.

See, the XLINK BT Cellular Gateway is about to change your life FOREVER!

The way it works is this - The XLink BT connects up to three cell phones to regular corded or cordless telephones. Using Bluetooth wireless technology, the XLINK BT allows you to use your cellphones via your handheld regular phones - even if you don't have a landline!

I know, amazing!

Leave your cellphone where they are - as long as they're in range of the XLINK, you can keep your cell in its charger for as long as you need to. When your cellphone rings, pick up one of your old phones. Make a call using your regular phone.

How much more convenient and comfortable is that?!

You'll save yourself big bucks by canceling your landline and you can work with comfort and ease. And you won't have to worry about connections about more - you won't have a problem getting a strong signal now.

Oh, and in case that's just not awesome enough - XLINK gives you 60 minutes of free long distance available with every unit.

It's one of the most ingenious, helpful household and office products you'll ever come across.

Buy yours now and set yourself free.

Finally! Woo woo!

Stephanie Dickison

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