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As you might know, I'm a stationery hound.

Despite writing on a laptop all day, having a smartphone and every other digital and technological device, I love the feel of paper and the lost art of writing letters and sending cards in the mail.

So when I found Primele, I was pretty excited.

As a voracious pen pal, other than picking out stationery and writing the letter, one of my favourite parts is preparing the envelope - putting on the stamp, writing out the address and putting my return address on.

The Return Address Stamp is elevated to another level at Primele, with the beautiful hand-written calligraphy of Patricia Mumau and her sisters Kim and Rachel, that is then made into a graphic.

The sturdy wood body and handle houses a red-rubber stamp ( 2.5 x 1 inches) that has just a nice heft to it (Don't be surprise if you hold it in your hand longer than needed) and gives you that old, schoolhouse, post office-y feel of days long gone. But the font and style of your address is much more modern. Written in all lower-case letters (you can ask for capitals if you wish), it gives a completely personal and homey feel without having to resort to writing your address over and over again or use a label and wasting paper.

And of course you don't have to stamp only envelopes. Books, luggage tags, pieces of clothing, purses, portfolios - whatever you like!

Along with your stamp, you'll get a sturdy piece of paper with the image of your stamp and helpful stamp hints, such as how to keep your stamp clean, what kinds of inks to use, etc.

It's not just about the thank you note or the letter inside the envelope. Everything you do says something about you. And using this stamp from Primele says correspondence means the very world to me.

Stephanie Dickison

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