Nicole by OPI Unveils 4 NEW Limited-Edition Shades Inspired By Gossip Girl!

I've been writing about OPI and Nicole for OPI for years.

I can't help it - they're that fantastic!

OPI and Nicole for OPI offer long-lasting, easy-to-apply nail lacquers give me the look of a professional manicure without having to spend $40 a week!

And now, launching in mid-August 2010, Nicole for OPI gives us 4 NEW LIMITED EDITION nail lacquer shades inspired by Gossip Girl.

The DVD release of Gossip Girl: The Complete Third Season will coincide with the new colours (Awesome) and the DVD will feature an exclusive $1 off in-pack coupon for Nicole by OPI Nail Lacquers, so you'll want to be sure to get it all.

And come on - you wouldn't mind looking more like Serena and Blair, would you?

The 4 NEW colours are hot:

Scandal, Secrets and Sparkle is full of silver sparkles, but in a brushed metal sort of way, instead of chandelier bright.

Nicole.... Spotted! continues with the fashion industry's craze with green polish. You'll like the gold flecks throughout. It gives is a completely fresh look from anything else on the shelves.

Party in the Penthouse is the colour of dark skinny jeans, just outta the wash. Mmm.

And Too Rich for You is similar in colour to Party in the Penthouse, but richer and just different enough that you'll have to get both.

These shades will be available mid-August at select Wal-Mart, Shoppers Drug Mart and other stores across the US and Canada.

You might not be able to afford Serena and Blair's wardrobes, but you can most certainly rock you inner GG with these amazing colours.

Stephanie Dickison

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