Meet the Leg Opener - The Sexiest Bottle Opener You'll Ever Own

Sure you could open your beer or soda with a regular opener.

But why would you when you can do it with the Leg Opener?

Goodness. It's a wonder, isn't it?

I mean, I just can't stop looking at it. It's so damn sexy!

Here's a video. Just try and look away:

And really, you've just got to feel the weight of this beauty. The heft of this mirror-polished stainless steel leg is gorgeous. Like cutlery from a 5-star restaurant.

It's got a "powerful rare earth magnet" that holds on tight wherever you put it and thanks to a transparent non-slip silicon ring, you'll protect your appliances and furniture from any further scratches (we can't help the ones made by the dog, sorry).

Functional enough to crack open a cold one and yet, beautiful enough to display proudly in your front hall.

And all for less than $30? That's a steal for a piece of sculpture as seductive as this.

Fire Monkey Empire, made up of marketing director Steve Martinez, and industrial designer Sam Deslandes, is a company to watch.

And behold.

Stephanie Dickison

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