Streamline Everything With the Pogoplug!

Look, I don't expect you to get as excited about technology as me. I know that I'm a computer geek.

But you don't have to be techno savvy at all to use a Pogoplug.

In fact, that's the beauty of it.

See, I know that you live on your computer as much as I do. You may not be writing html or researching safe seafoods, but I do know that what's on your computer is as valuable and necessary to you as mine is to me.

The Pogoplug is a multimedia sharing device - what that means is that it connects your external hard drives to the internet so that you can grab and/or share whatever you need off of your computer when you need it.

Watch this quick video that shows you how quick it is to use and set up.

Your digital life is now accessible whether you're heading off to work in Italy for 3 months or simply heading to a friend's house, where you want to collaborate on a project together. You can use it to access files from home while you're at work - ahhh, now this is the life!

And no doubt you live on your phone as much, if not more than your computer. The amazing Pogoplug allows you to stream videos, music and photos directly to your iPhone, Blackberry, Droid or other mobile device.

How amazing is that?

Get yourself a Pogoplug and streamline your online life so that it works with you and your lifestyle, not against you.

Oh, and just one more thing - it's one of the prettiest pieces of technology you'll ever own.

'Nuff said.

Get one now.

Stephanie Dickison

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